Komunikasi, Informasi Dan Edukasi (KIE) Meningkatkan Pengetahuan Tentang Pencegahan Perilaku Seksual Pranikah Pada Remaja

  • Rima Novianti STIKes Kharisma Karawang
Keywords: komunikasi, informasi dan edukasi, perilaku seksual pranikah


Background and Objective: SDKI results (2012), 4.5 million teens has premarital sexual intercourse and increase every year. Adolescent  indifference about reproductive health and the impact of premarital sexual behavior has led to an increase in cases of unmarried pregnancy, abortion and sexuall transmitted disease. Adolescent will still consider that premarital sexual behavior as a mystery, becase education and information that teens have gained about reproductive health and the impact of premarital sexual behavior do not make teenagers avoid from premarital sexual behavior. The goal of the research is to know the influence of communication, information and education towards the premarital sexual behavior. Method: The method use in this study is quasi experimental pre-post test with control group. Sample on this study is 68 respondence for two group (control and experimental). Result: The research indicates there are influences between the IEC with the knowledge, attitudes and  skill prevent risky sexual behavior with p value=0.000, multivariat data processing results shows communication with the parents and the influence of peer is an influential factor against risky sexual behavior skills in teenagers, if the communication with the parents increased  by 1, then risky sexual behavior skills will increased 1.239. if the influence of peers increased by 1, then risky sexual behavior skills will increase 2.141. Conclusion: There is the influence of the giving IEC to knowledge, atitude and skills prevent risky sexual behavior. IEC can be one of maternity nursing interventions in adolescent reproductive health.

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