Jurnal Keperawatan & Kebidanan (Journal of Nursing & Midwifery) ISSN 2089-1172 (print), ISSN 2654-3303 (online) is scientific, peer-reviewed and open access journal that aims as a reference to study the scope of midwifery and nursing, managed and published by STIKes Kharisma Karawang on October. Presenting complete articles of knowledge and matters related to midwifery and nursing. Starting from understanding, ethics, practice, to information about emergencies and drugs.
Midwifery services, midwifery care, and midwifery practices are basic knowledge that must be mastered by a midwife. Whereas in nursing, a nurse must understand and master the basic concepts of nursing, nursing management, and nursing practice. With material that is complete and easy to use by anyone involved as a candidate, midwife and nurse, as well as various parties who want to learn about midwifery and nursing, With the appearance of this journal.



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